Enable Airtable AI Analysis with Perplexity

Enable Airtable AI Analysis with Perplexity
Enable Airtable AI by creating a URL which feeds Airtable data to GPT tools like Perplexity.

"BINGO ✨ AI just got access to Airtable 😏. This is huge!"

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With CSV Getter, you can create a URL that can be plugged straight into GPT chat products like Perplexity to analyse the data using AI. Perplexity is an example of a ChatGPT style AI chatbot which can read URLs. An AI tool like this has access to the internet and this guide will show you how this feature can be used to get the chatbot to analyse live Airtable data.

Creating an Airtable Export URL

Login to CSV Getter and on your Account Settings, press Connect Airtable if you have not done this yet.

Now that you have authenticated, you can generate an Airtable export URL. This can be done in the CSV Getter UI.

Simply select the table you want to export using the dropdown screen, name your file, and select fields. You can find your export URL by clicking "View Export URL" on the data selection screen. (Note: your export URL is the url which begins with https://api.csvgetter...

Export Airtable data with these steps.

You can test the export URL in the browser. The URL's default setting will be CSV file download. However, if you are wanting a GPT tool like Perplexity to read this table, we recommend you change your export type to html table. This can be done by adding a parameter to the end of your URL: ?type=html_table.

Adding a URL parameter to your CSV Getter URL.

With the type parameter attached, you can see that now, when you visit the URL, it will show a page with the Airtable data in an HTML table. (You can test this in your browser).

html render csv getter url

This type of URL will work well with Perplexity. See the below example:

using airtable with perplexity ai

You can then use Perplexity's chat-like UI to ask follow up questions about your Airtable data, and perform analysis.