A powerful and reliable export tool for Airtable bases 🚀

Automatically export a CSV from Airtable. Create secure URLs that grant instant access to Airtable data in CSV format. Back up your data in Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, or Dropbox.


1. Setup in a matter of clicks

  • Login and connect your Airtable Account in a click with our Oauth integration.
  • Structure your data with our easy to use UI.
  • Or simply paste a link to the Airtable table you would like to export or backup
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2. Create a powerful export URL

  • Generate your dynamic CSV Getter URL.
  • Export in CSV or JSON.
  • URLs will generate file downloads of your full Airtable base.
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3. Utilise your URL

  • Use your URLs to export to Excel or sheets for analysis.
  • Use your URLs in backup processes using Zapier or Make.
  • Use your URLs to create a powerful Airtable API
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User Feedback


CSV Getter stands as an exceptional tool, crafted by a dedicated team, seamlessly bridging the gap that Airtable left behind. Not only does it enhance the experience with tailored CSV export features, but Gavin's commitment to rapid feedback and prompt bug resolutions truly elevates its user experience.

TJ, eCommerce Brand Owner
"Game changer"

With CSV Getter's seamless integration into Airtable Interfaces, a game-changer emerged. The addition of a simple CSV Getter button enabled our team of volunteers to effortlessly download email lists and dispatch updates. Not only has this streamlined our processes, but it has fostered a sense of shared responsibility and community amongst our volunteers...


CSV Getter is a vital part of the service we provide to our customers. It means they have access to the information they need, whenever they need it. It is simple to set up, easy to use and the user support is excellent. I would highly recommend this to anyone needing to export their Airtable data.

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