CSV Getter for Airtable

An AMJ product

Don't want to share your API Key? Use the more secure Personal Access Tokens (PAT) instead 🎥

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Why do people use this tool?

Automatically export a CSV from Airtable. Create secure export URLs that give you instant access to full copies of your tables in CSV and JSON format. Back up your data in a safe place like Google Sheets. Say hello to flexibility, power, and security.


Great for scheduling full backups.

URLs that export the entire contents of your Airtable table as CSV. Use it in Make, Zapier, Google Sheets and more!


We do JSON too.

Airtable to CSV, Airtable to JSON, Airtable to iFrame - you name it! Switch data output formats with easy-to-use URL parameters.


Secure and no pagination.

Your data keys and IDs are stored safely with end-to-end encryption.

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