Airtable JSON Export Tutorial

Airtable JSON Export Tutorial
Create a URL for Automatic Airtable JSON export

You may wish to export your Airtable data as JSON. If you would like to export the full table or a filtered view or fields, this is a quick tutorial on how to make it possible.

Create a CSV Getter URL

First, open CSV Getter. If you have not used CSV Getter before, it is a powerful tool for exporting Airtable data and allows you to export your base in json format. You can make a URL by logging in with your Email and connecting to Airtable.

Now that you have authenticated you should be able to easily create an export URL. This can be done by using the CSV Getter app to select the correct base and table for export.

Export Airtable data with these steps.

Make sure you set the export format of your Export download link to "JSON". This will turn your CSV Getter URL from CSV export to JSON export and can be done on the URL data selector page, as seen in the following image.

Switch export URL to JSON format

Now when you use the CSV export URL it will be delivering the selected data in JSON format

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