Build an API in 3 Simple Steps

Build an API in 3 Simple Steps
Upload a CSV file to generate a REST API.
Step 1 - Upload data.

Upload your data as a CSV file. This will generate an export url like the example below.

You can perform this action here.

Step 2 - Format output

Make sure your output is JSON. This can be done with a URL parameter.

Or this can be done in your URL settings.

Step 3 - Create endpoints

Use different SQL parameters to create different endpoints. Here are some examples.

// Returns all of your data * from csvgetter

// Returns the top 5 rows of your Airtable data * from csvgetter limit 5

// Returns the number of rows in your Airtable data count(*) from csvgetter

//... Or any SELECT SQL statement you need.
  • You can update the API data at any time. With a CSV Getter account you can manage your uploaded CSV files and overwrite them with the latest data.

  • Inline SQL means one URL can serve as any endpoint, just change the URL parameters.

  • You can set an Authentication header for the URL, to add security to your API.

  • No need to setup a database, or bucket with a cloud provider.

  • Great for simple apps and MVPs.

  • API will be read-only